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ContemPorary Romance

Mainstream/Women's Fiction

Historical Romance

Young Adult

Futuristic, Fantasy, & Paranormal

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**There are no 2018 contest results due to contest restructuring

2017 MOL WInners


First Place: Fighter by Sarah Morgenthaler**

Second Place: Mirror Image by Betty Unkel*

Third Place: The Hills Are Alive by Kate Mackenzie

Finalists Judges: Janna Bonikowski, Associate Agent, The Knight Agency; Jennie Conway, Editorial Assistant, St. Martin’s Press 


First Place: Howl and Seek by Alexis Daria **

Second Place: Wishes in a Bottle by Allie McCormack

Third Place: Venus Rising by Alexis Daria

Finalists Judges: Sarah Blumenstock, Assistant Editor, Berkley Publishing Group; Victoria Lea, Agent, Aponte Literary; Editor, Burns and Lea Books 

Young Adult

First Place: The Circle and The Crown by Beth Pattillo*

Second Place Tie: Hex of the Killing Crown by Jessica Grace Kelley**

Second Place Tie: The Lost Dauphrovna by Cate Hart*

Third Place: Life Without Clouds by Fiona Miller-Stevens

Finalists Judges: Annette Pollert-Morgan, Editorial Manager, Sourcebooks Fire; Elizabeth Poteet, Agent, The Seymour Agency 


First Place: Island of Roses by Jean Willett

Second Place: Scratch Line by Deb Merino**

Third Place: Blood Rights by A.L.R. Court

Finalists Judges: Amanda Jain, Agent, Inklings Literary Agency; Latoya Smith, Agent, L. Perkins Agency  

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2016 Pitch contest


1st place: Nobody’s Mistress  by Willa Ramsey**

2nd place: Meadows Wind   by Betty Unkel* **

3rd place: Romancing Dr. Love  by Rebecca Heflin**


Beautiful – Story of an Ugly Stepsister by Ashley Hoyle**

Animal Instincts by Lauren James **

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2015 MOL Winners


1st Place -- Framed by Susan J. Bickford* **

2nd Place -- Fired Up by Anna Durand

3rd Place -- Soul Song by Rayn Ellis

Category Judge -- Mary Altman of Sourcebooks


1st Place -- Rocky Mountain Runaway by Kathryn E. Crawford**

2nd Place -- The Secret Affair of a Duke’s Daughter by Janna MacGregor**

3rd Place -- The Keys to Her Heart by Harris Fischer**

Category Judge -- Cynthia Brannam of Soul Mate Publishing

Paranormal Romance

1st Place -- The Mortal Falls by Anna Durand

2nd Place -- Queen of Hearts by Harris Fischer

3rd Place -- As Long as the Fire Burns by Adriana Barison

Category Judge -- Angela James of Carina Press

Young Adult

1st Place -- Soren’s Resistance by Christine Gunderson

2nd Place -- The Picture of Dulce Garcia by Alana Albertson

3rd Place -- Untarnished by Nicole Jarrell

4th Place -- It Happened on Thunder Road by Susan Antony

Category Judge -- Victoria Lowes of The Bent Agency

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2014 MOL Winners

ContemPorary Romance

1st Place – The Dream by Jennifer Doyle**
2nd Place – Rock Me by Tara Wyatt
3rd Place – 15 days by Rebekah Millet
4th Place Criminal Love by Sarah Lovett**

Historical Romance

1st Place Lessons in Scandal by Crystal Eliot**
2nd Place – The Dukes Temptation by Rebecca Lang**
3rd Place – How to Train Your Knight by Stella Marie Alden**

paranormal romance

1st Place – Gothic Jump by Patricia March**
2nd Place – Soulbound by Bethany Adams * **
    3rd Place – Much of Madness by S.E. Summa *

New Adult

1st Place – The Sacrifice by Megan Besing

2nd Place – Repo Girl by Lisa Siefert
3rd Place – Seducing Death by Elle McKay

Young Adult

1st Place – Waters of Salt and Sin by Alisha Klapheke *

2nd Place – Winging it by RoseAnn DeFranco**
3rd Place – Terazza by Deena Graves *

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